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The FBI Director Mueller Case: Murder Attempt and Money Laundering

According to an insider source within the Democratic Party, on Sept 2005 an informer contacted the FBI field office in California and talked to FBI special agent Mr. Fred Whitney in California. The informer told FBI about the police corruption. Special agent Mr. Fred Whitney reported the case to higher levels of FBI. FBI Director Mr. Mueller instead for stopping police corruption , ordered the murder of the informer by the police. The police followed two options. One was to arrest the informer on some false charges which they did for a short time on January 2006, and secondly to murder the informer.

FBI: Toxic gas for Reporting Police Corruption
The police used toxic gases and released the gas into the informant house. Both informant and his mother got sick and were hospitalized. In this case the murder attempt on the informant and his mother failed. Even in the hospital police attempted another attempt by manipulation in the drugs given to the informant. Even that murder attempt failed. There are special reasons why the police is being very careful not to move too fast which our report will explain.Otherwise murdering people is not a big deal for police. A few years earlier, the police had already murdered the father of informant.

FBI Director Mueller and Hillary Clinton
The reason for FBI director Mr. Robert Mueller's decision to kill the informer was that the case had involved Hillary Clinton and Al Gore money laundering operations for previous years. Mr. Mueller imagined that by helping Hillary Clinton, he would remain the head of FBI during a democratic administration. There has been two different blogs on FBI director Robert Mueller and his murder attempt case against the informant. One blog appeared in January 2006 shortly after the temporary arrest of the informer by the police in January 2006 and another blog from December 2006. The news appearing in mass media in 2007 about FBI director Mueller and his mismanagement of FBI have confirmed our views about his character.

Request for the Arrest of FBI Director Robert Mueller
We are requesting that the FBI director Mueller to be removed from his position as the director of the FBI and charged with attempted murder on the informer and tried in a pulic court.

We will provide the details of the case for the mass media if they show any interest in the case. You should note that the informant is not really a "democrat" or "republican". All he has done is to respond to a few letters from the democratic party asking for contributions and he had sent a few dollars. These letters have turned out to be the gateway to the police criminal world of blackmail and extortions.

FBI and the Police:

FBI is run by elements left from the Clinton administration and these elements should be cleared from FBI. Otherwise the elimination of police corruption would be a joke. According to insider sources police corruptions costs more than 200 billion dollars a year the US economy and the American Tax payers and even this could be an underestimation of total costs..

These elements within FBI have allowed and even promoted police powers to such an extent that it has become a national security threat. These Criminal thugs from the police have been given a blank check by FBI under Mr. Mueller's leadership to commit any kind of murders, blackmail, extortion and criminality against the pulic and corporations and it has driven the US economy into bankruptcy.

Management of US Economy:
Most of the American corporations are controlled by the police throught their control of human resource departments which is only an extension of police departments into job environments. Police criminal thugs have turned job environments into war zones with daily insults of employees and managers. Shops and business establishments are also another area for control, blackmail and extortions by the police throughout US.

Police is the most powerful Lobby group in California
"The most powerful lobbyist group in California now is the California Corrections Officers Union. Every jailed prisoner generates $35,000 a year. Money is being taken right out of education and put into the prison-industrial complex. Profits over people, over spirituality, over Mother Earth and the environment."

Approaching the general Public:

Furthermore police criminal thugs devise different methods to approach the general public in order to bring some false charges against the public so they can be fined, jailed or controlled in some way. In these schemes the police thugs extensively use African-Americans as a bait to assault the public. Personally I have witnessed how a female African-American driver for a public bus provoked and insulted every single passenger on the bus to create a conflict situation and find a pretext to call police. The passengers were just ordinary workers on the way to their jobs. Imagine after working 10-12 hours in a restaurant, you will end up in jail for just riding a pubic transit bus.

Calling 911
Only in US, when sick or injured people who need medical care and call for an ambulance, can expect police enters their house without any permission. The consequence has been that the whole families have been arrested on ridiculous charges and people with broken arms have been handcuffed and taken to jail instead for hospital.

Arresting Cows and Mountain Cats
The criminal police thugs have even started to arresting animals such as cows and mountain cats and shot them for resisting arrests!!! The case of mountain cat happened in Palo Alto, California and Stanford University in an unusual move published a statement and condemned the police. The residents of Palo Alto held ceremonies for the dead mountain cat and condemned the police for these acts.

"Punishment and Crime"
Also these criminal police thugs have made great innovations in linguistic philosophy by inventing phrases such as "Arrested for Resisting Arrest!". This kind of statement is based on Einsteen's "theory of relativity" where the time frame loses its meaning. Punishment happens before the Crime and the future happens before the past. Even Dostoyesky with his well known book "Crime and Punishment" could not figure this out!!!! This kind of sentence is not comprehensible to human brain and it is only understood by police dogs.

European Police and The American Police
In Europe police looks like a PG&E worker. PG&E is the gas and electricity company here in California. In US a police looks like a member of Al Capone gang who might shoot you or use tasers on you at any moment without any warning. I heard a member of medical emergency staff who are very familiar with police behaviour was joking with a nurse in the hospital about how it has become so simple to treat tdhe long line of patients waiting to be treated in ER department. He told the nurse " All you have to do is to Taser the patients!!!". And if you call FBI, they will tell you that police behaviour is not an area that FBI deals with. Police has a blank check to do anything they want.

Courts and Judges
Also the police controls the courts and corrupt judges. Criminals go free and ordinary innocent people are thrown into jail for some nonsense. Actually police needs the real criminals on the streets to create conflicts, crimes and the assault on the public in order to enhance the police role in the society. Despite police claims, there are no "liberal judges" whatever that means.Corrupt judges confirm whatever is claimed by the police against the defendants.

African Americans and the Police
African Americans are the biggest allies of the police in terms of being informers for the police. Wherever an African American walks into a job, the whole police department will follow in his footsteps.

"The Safety of an officer"
In European countries, they always make a trade-off between the safety of an officer and the safety of the public. In England police does not carry weapons to avoid injuries to the public. In US the safety of the public is considered of no significance and police can shoot on the least suspicion that his "safety" is in danger. This is despite the fact the incidents that anybody shoots at the police are very rare and happens only in special cases where other forces such as SWAT teams are present too.

How did a Successful Businessman from Singapore became a "Fugitive from The Law" in Silicon Valley, California
This is adopted from a local newspaper. A leading businessman from Singapore was on a visit in Silicon Valley together with his wife and two children. He lost his luggage on his flight to San Francisco. He called a distant relative in Silicon Valley to get help. The relative had been instructed by police to contact them if anybody from homeland contacts her. This is based on a law invented by the local police!!!! When the businessman arrived at the relative's house and saw police is waiting for him, he just backed out his car and went away. The police placed an alert for the businessman and his wife and two children as a "fugitives from the law" because he had backed out his car which is according to police is "assault with a deadly weapon"!!!!. The police had parked their cars behind the Singapor businessman's car to make sure that "Deadly weapons" are used to commit this kind of crime!!!! In case of his arrest the businessman will be sent to a judge who is "tough on crimes"!!!!

Las Vegas Police is going High Tech with "Targeted Ads"
Search engine companies such as Google and Yahoo are using more targeted ads which brings more revenues. Targeted ads are those ads which is directed to a specific customer group who have the money to buy the product. Las Vegas police is also going "High Tech" with targeted ads to bring tourism to Nevada and Casino's in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas police high-tech methods include using police search engine "Scam-Google" using keywords 1. Living in San Francisco? 2. Over 80 Years Old? 3. Have more than $100.000 in cash? After finding the answer to these vital questions then the police sends agents to California to bring rich customers to their Casinos.

Adopted from a local Newspaper: A 40 years old lady meets some 80 years old guy in San Fransisco Area and she immediately falls in "love". She asks for 142,000 dollars to help for the payment of her "medical bill". She gets the money and goes immediately to Las Vegas and "loses all the money" gambling in a Casino.

The Clinton Administration and the Police
Under Clinton administration US was handed over to the police with disastarous consequences. This is despite Clinton administration theatrical performance to distance itself from the police and show that they are in conflicts with police, the Democratic party is closely connected with the police.

To understand how police controlled US, it is necessry to point out the when I was kidnapped the first time in December 2000 by the police agents and was taken to San Francisco airport, I saw the head of local FBI waiting for me presumably to stop my kidnapping. I recognized him from an earlier encounter. Despite that I was under the influence of drugs, I went to him and gave him my ticket and told him that I do not want to leave. He was very glad and tore apart my ticket. The police agents went and simply bought another ticket and pushed me into the plane without any reaction from the FBI. It shows that the FBI could not make any moves against the police unless I specifically instructed him and told him what to do?

Is the Police Liberal or Conservative?
The whole power base of democratic party originates from the police. And this is an important point. The police thugs paint themselves as a very conservative force in US politics. This is based on the public misconception. The police for example beat up African-Americans drivers. This creates an image of being "conservative". But the real content of police policies makes them the biggest liberal force in US politics. In Mexico, which is the real model of society for the American police, the police openly claims that they are socialist.

Police as a Liberal Force
Liberals in US are for government control and intervention in people's private life which is gladly supported by the police. It was the Clinton administration that asked for the biggest increase of police forces throughout the country. The result is in peaceful neighborhoods which hardly need any police, police thugs are running around and hiding behind or climbing the trees to find somebody who they can give a "speeding ticket". These police criminal thugs have been released into these peaceful communities and they behave as if there was some kind of war going on.

Massive Arrest of Police Officers
There is an immediate need for arresting these criminal police gangs on a massive scale. Large numbers of these criminal police gangs should be brought to justice in public trials. In reality the signs are that these criminal police gangs are gaining power again and US is on its way to become another Mexico.

Hillary and Gore
Mr. Al Gore has bought an apartment in San Francisco and is walking free on the streets. Furthermore Mr. Gore is sitting on the board of directors for Apple Computer. It is similar to Al Capone sitting on the board of directors of IBM!!!!! And Hillary Clinton is planning to become US president!!!!!

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