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An account given by a software engineer in Silicon Valley-California on money laundering operations by Hillary and Gore (1995-2007). The report on money laundering uses both public information and also insider information to connect events that seem unrelated to the public.

December 2006

Money Laundering as a Party Task

I personally do not know anybody from democratic party. I am only a software engineer in Silicon Valley, California with no prior political connection to any party or organization. From 95 I started receiving letters from democratic party asking me to send contributions to different causes. I did send a few dollars.

In 2000 I received a letter from democratic party asking me to do some tasks for them. The task that they had assigned me was to join a tax fraud organization and start selling some "educational" products. I would get paid $200.000 a month and I had to send $1000 contributions to different party organizations. One of my close relatives received 100 million dollars to start a "business". This person could not even pay for the gas in his car just a few weeks earlier!!!! The records for all these "business" transactions are registered with appropriate authorities such as IRS.

I refused to do so. I suggested that they should find people in Washington who would fit into the democratic party as I was not the appropriate person. Also I pointed out that I am not the employee of the democratic party and sending a few dollars in contributions does not make me the employee of the democratic party.

I also informed my former employer about money laundering. The CEO of this major high tech corporation in Silicon Valley immediately informed other corporations in the area and they tried to get me out of democratic party money laundering operations by offering software jobs. On the way to one of these interviews my car was burned on the highway by the police through manipulation in the engine of the car.

I received a lot of death threats. All my property was stolen and I was kidnapped twice to Europe under heavy drugs. All these attempts were reported to US embassies in several european countries with no results. I spent some time on the streets in European cities with no money. Finally I got help from some friends to come back to US.

On september 2005 I reported money laundering and police corruption to FBI. Judging by mass media reports about how Bush administration is so meticulous in following the "law and order" and "justice" in such cases as "Valeri Plame case", I imagined I will get some medals for following the law and refusing money laundering by Hillary and Gore. But I was very wrong. FBI released toxic gasses into my house and both me and a close relative got sick with serious injuries and were hospitilized. I was also arrested and sent to jail for a short time by the police on some nonsense charges. You can read more on this under FBI and Police section.

I learned from the Silicon Valley Companies that my case was actually a test case for Al Gore to show that How the "genuis" Al Gore "could control people remotely through the internet". In reality my case was not related to internet but more to police blackmail and threats of jail time as the key to control people. Mr. Al Gore had also previously claimed that he has "invented the internet" too. Despite all that it led to disaster for Al Gore.

Many CEO's of major high tech companies in Silicon Valley, California with billions of dollars in revenues know about my case. That is the problem my case poses for the democratic party, as dismissing the case under ordinary slogans is not possible. They usually dismiss people with such labels as "Republican paid agent" or "Lunatic nutcase". See the links section for "Disinformation techniques" used.

Money Laundering: Al Gore and Hillary Clinton

The case is about How Mr.Al Gore and Hillary Clinton had set up criminal police gangs all over US and were murdering people in connection with their money laundering operations. We estimate 1000's of PEOPLE were MURDERED and even more people were turned into modern slaves controlled by police blackmail and threats.

MASSIVE AMOUNTS of DRUGS were used in these operations. The effects of these drugs are to destroy memory and undermine moral and ethical values and remove these obstacles to social control.

Money laundering turns ordinary citizens to citizens engaged in illegal activities and opens the way for blackmail and control of the citizens by the police. The "power elite" is not interested in honest citizens. It wants to control citizens by blackmail or use of of force.

Our ESTIMATES on the number of people murdered in connection with money laundering operations are based on the following factors:

  • The police methods used in this actual case (such as police murdering the family members)
  • The Type and the level of people who were involved in the case (well known public high level government officials such as Hillary Clinton and Al Gore)
  • The amounts of money involved in the case ( Billions of dollars of government funds)
  • The Need for Secrecy to protect high level public government officials ( No similar blogs or posts or leaks to newspapers as this blog has appeared anywhere despite that 1000's of people have been involved in these money laundering operations)
  • How sensitive FBI and the Police are to this kind of case ( They release toxic gasses into your house for reporting it)
  • Statements by people who were familiar with money laundering ( "Most people who get involved with money laundering end up dead")
  • Public Campaigns by the police to socially discredit the target person prior to money laundering operation as to prepare the way for his murder in a later stage.( such as creating false police records and creating complaints and police reports against the target person)
  • The target person is fired from his job and his assets are confiscated by the police and the courts prior to money laundering operation starts.
  • The target person is isolated and his social contacts will be broken prior to money laundering.
  • Other Factors stated in the Published Report

The money laundering operation involved billions of dollars of government funds which was fed into the democractic party. The infrastructure for this operation was provided by the police departments all over us. The democratic party is closely connected to police.

In these operations the whole leadership of the democratic party from Gephart to Ted Kennedy to Tom Daschle were involved.

For more information see the published report.

Hillary and Gore: Theory and Reality

Despite its claims, the Democratic Party is an extremely racist party. African Americans are used mostly to assault ,intimidate and control the white population and extend the party's control on the society. Despite the public's misconceptions about Mr. Martin Luther King, he actually was not a democrat. Mr. Marting Luther King was in reality a Republican. That indicates that Mr. King had a very good understanding of democratic party.

On an ideological level, the democratic party uses extensively "the ideology of Oppressed". In addition to "African Americans as oppressed people" the democratic party made some failed attempts to add other ethnic groups to the "category of oppressed". There was a major campaign on TV to ridicule chinese and blame it on whites in order to impose "the ideology of Oppressed" on Chinese which has failed. The Chinese regard themselves as mainstream Americans.

Another group was Mexicans to be added to "Oppressed People" category. Due to cultural and historical differences, the democrats failed to add Mexicans to their "oppressed people" category. Also competition for jobs in California has led to frictions between African Americans and Mexicans reflected by comments made by Mr. Vincent Fox ,the Mexican president, saying that Mexicans will do jobs that even African Americans will not do, and Jesse Jackson accusing Mr. Fox of racism.

California actually does not need low wage "oppressed supporters" of Mr. Jesse Jackson as it has abundant labor supply of Mexicans. Mexicans are more honest, less violent and more hard working than African Americans. That is why employers prefer Mexican labor to African American workers. That is why Mr. Jakcson is forced to heavily subsidize relocation of his "Oppressed Supporters" to California. African Americans have even suddenly appeared in wealthy areas of California with cash, cars, jobs and homes. This is despite the fact that many locals can not get those jobs. It is very clear that people with lots of cash and political power are directing these operations with African American "Relocation Plans".

Italian Facism as a Model for US

The democratic party is a "socialist-fascist" party. Their ideal society is actually Italy in 1930's under Mussolini where the state controled most of the economy.

Mussolini's fascism was based on a genuine mass movement which is not the case with Hillary and Gore. Hillary and Gore had no problems using the police for money laundering. The German Nazist could not reconcile police forces with fascist organizations such as Gestapo and had to murder many police leaders and eliminate police forces. The same for Mussolinis Italy.

Due to cultural and historical and political differences between Italy in 1930's and today's USA, what the democratic party can in reality achieve if they capture the state power is the "Mexican Model" where police will run and manage the whole society.

The Theory of Triangularization and H1 Visas

In presidential elections for 2000 and in connection with campaign contributions to the democratic party, MR. Al Gore was called a "Corporate Whore" which was a correct description of MR. Al Gore. That indicates that Mr. Gore offers the democratic party services for corporations in terms of how good they are in suppressing and controling the employees and managers and bringing in the highest return on capital invested. "Corporations will get the highest profit rate under a democratic administration" was Mr. Al Gore's selling argument. The method used to do that was Mr. Bill Clintons "Theory of Triangulation" which he is supposed to have invented.

The "Theory of Triangularization" is to create sharp conflicts between employees and corporations and have the democratic party intervene as the intermediary to bring compromises between the two parties. The only problem for employees after being subjected to the "Theory of Triangulation" was that they would lose their employment benefits such as sick pay, health benefits, educational assistance and other benefits.According to this theory, employees should be grateful to have kept their jobs otherwise they would be replaced with Indian guest workers with H1 Visas.

The money for these benefits would go instead to the democratic party. The only "benefit" employees would get was to be subjected to daily insults from HR for not working hard enough. Mr. Al Gore would have been declared a "genuis" for having accomplished the difficult task of getting more profits with "less invested capital per employee" for corporations.

"Industrial Production Management" and "High Tech Management"

The "Theory of Triangularization" was designed for an industrial production environment with blue collar workers with strong unions. It was probably tested many times in that kind of environment and the democratic party was very sure of its success. To apply this model on a high tech company with no unions and software engineers with completely different frame of mind was an entirely different story which led to disaster for the democratic party.

More on this theory is explained in the published report.

"The Canadian Model" or "The Mexican Model"

Mr. Al Gore and Hillary were always talking about how nice is the Canadian model for US. But under the Leadership of Hillary and Al Gore, USA was actually on its path to become a second Mexico with police running all aspects of US citizen's life!! The "theory of triangulation" accelerated the movement toward Hollywoodization of the American political system and "Mexicanization" of the American society.

"Good Intentions" or Market Relations

When I refused to do the money laundering for Hillary and Gore, I received a letter from Hillary Clinton together with an expense report on the amount of money she is spending on her election campaign for senate seat in New York in 2000. She pointed out that she has a lot of expenses running her election campaign and she needs help from her supporters.

I pointed out that it might sound very nice that they want to send me millions of dollars and they might have "good intentions" for me, but the social relations they are creating will lead to disaster. She is replacing the market relations with non-market relations. That is relations based on market is replaced with police, false charges, courts, jail time, IRS and other similar methods. These methods have been tried in other countries and have failed. The outcome of these methods is modern slavery for US citizens.

Furthermore the power elite was trying to monopolize the resources of US government, and access to these resources. But because the democratic party could not run the US government on its own, they needed intellectual resources from other segments of the population. They wanted to hire these people from a distance under the supervision of police and under modern slavery forms with no connections to US government, and use their brain power to run the US government. This way insiders would be outsiders and outsiders would be insiders.

The US Government: Elected and Non-Elected officials

The US government is composed of two parts. The elected officials and the non-elected officials. The real insiders are the non-elected staff of US government and those are the people who are actually running the US government and they are not really connected to any political party. The elected officials have mostly theatrical functions such as fund raising, shaking hands with people, smiling for supporters, waving hands for supporters, attending meetings with supporters, making public speeches etc.

Triangularization of US Government

What democratic party was trying to achieve was to reverse this relation that is to make the elected officials the real insider of US government and removing the real staff of US government and placing them on the outside and under police supervision and control. The consequence of these methods was an unstable US government which could easily fall into anarchy and chaos. And that is what happened at the end of Clinton's administration.

This is also an application of "Triangularization theory" where the democratic party would insert itself between the brainpower that was running the US government and the centers of power, placing itself in a strategic position to control both sides.

Outsourcing "The US Government"

The next step in this process was to move the center of US government to a private organization. This way the US government was an empty shell where it took its orders from a private organization run by the democratic party. To Hillary and Gore it did not really matter that after elections in 2000 the Republican Administration was taking office. The Bush administration was taking over only an empty shell. The real government was somewhere else.

The biggest sub-contractor taking the outsourced jobs is the police. Target persons to be "hired" are placed with the police and police takes over their case. These target individuals are framed by the police and forced to work for the police under threats and blackmail. Only a fraction of the money that these individuals would earn on a free market is paid to them. The rest of their income would go to the police. The police uses even the parole officers for supervision of the job in these schemes.

The 7-8 years of Bush Administration has been an attempt to take back US government from this private government. And it has failed to do that as honest people reporting police corruption are gassed with toxic gasses by the FBI and police in order to get rid of the police corruption's evidence.

"I am an Abraxan"
R.J. Hillhouse who is a former CIA agent running operations from Central Asia to Iraq describes the process of "Outsourcing US Government" with these terms in her funny blog: In old times agents from different agencies used to identify themselves with their agencies, such as "I am an FBI agent" or "I am a CIA agent". Today they identify themselves with their private companies: "I am an Abraxan" means "I am a CIA agent".

"Market-based" Governance
In an article by Philip Zelikow, John Deutch and Ashton Carter - "Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy" they explain re-organization of US government in terms of the introduction of the market into production of public goods such as intelligence.

According to "norgesen"
  • The goal is to implement "market-based governance" is: - a fascist government to replace the American System of government - effectively dissolving the U.S. government except for the facade.
As we will see later Mr. John Deutch had a direct role in what he was talking about.

Clinton Administration and the CIA

To understand what took place under the Clinton's administration it is necessary to recall that half of CIA employees and probably even more employees of national security agency disappeared under the Clinton's administration. This is confirmed by newspaper reports that state half of the CIA employees are newly hired.

Where did these employees go? They were probably sent to Mexico on a "business trip" to be murdered by the Mexican police who are the colleagues and buddies of the American police. In the end these murders were even announced on CNN such as the murder of Mr. Colby a former director of CIA in a "in a fishing boat accident".

Another destination was "Cruise Ships on Carribean". We can still read even today people are missing from these "cruise ships". I actually received tickets for both destinations but refused to go.

The architect for the New CIA was Former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a Democrat from New York. He claimed that CIA has no more operative role and should be restricted to information gathering from public sources.

We estimate most of murders of the CIA employees happened between 95-96 time frame when Mr. John Deutch was the director of CIA. William Colby the former director of CIA was murdered in April 96. This time period also matches CIA drive to recruite minorities, that is Mr. Jesse Jackson's "oppressed people". John Deutch was director of central intelligence or DCI from May 10 1995 to December 14 1996. Furthermore John Deutch tried to trash the CIA before leaving by getting an account with AOL under his real name JDeutch and placed 17000 pages of classified documents on his unprotected PC and took part in chat groups on AOL to attract attention to himself.

We explain the reason for these murders under the section "The Crisis of Democracy". But in summary it had the following purpose.
  • To Eliminate an alternative power base that could be used by the other party
  • To shift the focus of CIA to domestic operations
  • To subordinate the CIA to Police Forces and bring it under police control
  • To eliminate opposition to the new policies
  • To weaken the CIA as an independent organization
We believe most of the murders happened in Analysis and Research divisions or elite policy groups. It led to a power shift within CIA to the favor of Clandestine operations. The Clandestine Division is the closest division to police in terms of their job function within the CIA. That is how the police could infiltirate CIA.

Clandestine division was responsible for spread of drugs in US. This was exposed in an article in San Jose Mercury News, A Knight Ridder publication in 1996. The journalist that broke the story , Garry Webb was later murdered most likely by the police 1994. See the links section: Gary Webb Case

Many CIA employees were replaced by Mr. Jesse Jackson's "Oppressed Supporters" in 95-96 timeframe and after. Also Mr. Jackson's "oppressed people" who had worked with private security or were just members of some criminal groups doing drive-by shootings became fully qualified to work for CIA!

The director of Clandestine operations was removed from his job in early 2006 for associating with prostitutes.

What is even more funny is the Russian spies or high level Russian officials who had defected to US and were working for the CIA were no longer qualified to work for the CIA and were dumped on the streets or terminated from their ordinary jobs such as a bank clerk job here in US.

Jim Woolsey another director of CIA during the Clinton's administration could not get an appointment to meet Bill Clinton for a year until he was removed from office. This also indicates that CIA was becoming irrelevant and an empty shell where it was run from somewhere else. Mr. Jim Woolsey even sued the CIA for sending its own employees to prison. This was related to CIA employees in Iraq who were fighting the Saddam regime at the time.They were airlifted to US by the American military and sent directly to jail!! You can read more on this on "The Radicalization of Jim Woolsey".

Anybody who was going to work for the real US government set up by Hillary and Gore had to pass the test of money laundering and police supervision. Otherwise they would get a bullet in their back.

The Theory of Political Control

Political control goes far beyond getting elected to a political office.As we will see later the "power elite" has come under attacks from three different directions which challenges their elite powers. To meet these challenges they have developed a strategy or a theory for "political control". The theory of "political control" has five components.

The first component is "Triangularization". Triangularization is defined as "Dividing or separating a production process into different components and inserting political control as the intermediary in the production process". The method used, is to separate the leadership, elite or the management of a production process away from its base and inserting a political intermediary between the leadership and the base of the production.

The second component is "Outsourcing". Outsourcing is simply "moving one part or component of the production process away from the other parts". Moving away can be in physical, financial, economical, organizational, racial or geographical terms.

The two concepts of Triangularization and Outsourcing are closely related. The primary reason for triangularization and outsourcing is to gaurantee political control. Triangularization is the primary key concept and outsourcing is secondary.

The third component is "Market". "Market" is used mostly as an ideological cloud to cover what is really going on. Market in itself is of no value. The primary criteria is political control. This becomes clear when opposing schemes are proposed depending on the situation. For example, John Deutch, the former director of CIA, advocates "Market-Based Governance" for the governmental organizations. But the same people advocate non-market methods for the civil society. As we saw earlier police control and supervision replaces market-relations in dealing with corporations and ordinary people i.e. the civil society.

The Fourth component is "Diversity". "Diversity" is closely connected to race and culture. The advocates of triangularization and outsourcing have understood outsourcing does not work if both sides of production is composed of a homogenous workforce such as white European Americans. The reason is due to historical and cultural shared values, the relation between these people goes beyond cash relations and has a moral or cultural aspect. So effective total political control is not possible as the workforce will bypass the political layer imposed on them. So they advocate diversity to reduce any cultural ties among the workforce. Mr. Jesse Jackson's "oppressed people" provide the required services such as backstabbing co-workers,spying on co-workers and any other tasks given to them by the political eltie.

The fifth component is "Balancing". It means that for every force, a counter force is moved in to balance and offset the primary force. Balancing is closely related to social groups and classes.It covers a wider spectrum of social forces. The power elite can free itself from pressure from its base by balancing it with a counter force. It is similar to what George Bush administration is doing. It has dumped its conservative base and is relying on the democratic party to rule.

Outsourcing can take violent forms in some cases. In Iraq 5000 of intellectual elite such as doctors, Engineers, Univeristy teachers etc have been executed in order to separate the production components. That is to separate the elite from the base of production. Others have been forced to flee the country.

Those job functions will be transfered to a politically correct "diverse workforce" such as indians, africans, pakistanis and others from the third world countries. The high paying jobs will go to Europeans and Americans. Also in Iraq's case the whole elite is being eliminated. Criminal groups such as Mr. Muqtada Sadr are going to replace the old elite.

"Outsourcing" is not an inherent dictate of "technology" or "economic efficiency" but it is the social context within which capital accumulation is generated in modern times. "Economies of Scale" and "Specialization" in 18 and 19 century were neither inherent dictates of technology but they were the social context within which industrialization took place. The purpose of "specialization" was to undermine the power of labor in production process in which labor could easily be replaced.

Factionalism as a Policy instrument

Despite that Al Gore and Hillary Clinton were working together for these objectives, they needed to factionalize ordinary people in order to gain influence on the grassroot level. Ordinary people who were living from paycheck to paycheck and who had nothing to do with any kind of politics were called "Republican" or "Al Gore" faction or "Hillary Clinton" faction supporters. They would also broadcast on prime time TV that Hillary Clinton hates Al Gore. They would never tell the people why Hillary Clinton hates Al Gore!!!!

Factionalism is an assault on reasoning. An extreme form of factionalism is "Balkanization of US" where the whole population is divided into ethnic groups. Market allocation of resources is replaced with allocation of resources based on ethnicity. The "ideology of oppressed" is actually is a form of non-market allocation of resources.

I received a letter from democratic party which stated that "The democratic party is grateful to your leadership of elections in California which led to the democratic party victories in those elections." This statement is just nonsense as I do not know personally a single democrat. Also I received another letter that stated "You have been confirmed as a member of President Clinton' second term committee". The letter never specified what kind of committee is this and how many members it has. Presumably this committee had several hundred million members!!! and even Mexicans crossing the border illegally are granted membership of "President Clinton's second term committe". Suddenly the whole US population were members of one these factions without even applying for it!

The Party and The State

In all major industrial countries, party and state are two separate entities. The reason is very simple. The state is responsible for reproduction of economic relations. It provides an infrastructure for these economic relations. The party is responsible for ideological leadership in the society. That is why in democracies change of government is a smooth process. The party in power may change but the state remains the same.

Counties with lower level of economic development for historical reasons have a convergence of party and state in the same entity. These countries such as Russia and China and even India, abandon these models as soon as economic relations permit such a condition. That is the party and the state separates after certain level of development in these countries. This way the political superstructure of the country stabilizes.

In US under Clinton's administration the reverse process was happening. The party and the state was merging together according to Mussolini's blue print for the state. An immediate effect of these policies for American citizens was strange events they could observe at work. People were allocated jobs not according to merits but according to party loyalties.

I worked in a high tech company in Silicon Valley and I could see African American managers who could not even sign their name and never were present at work, were given high level managerial jobs. These managers had no idea what was going on in their departments and had no technical knowledge about the fields that they were supposed to be a manager. Some of them even came from secretarial jobs directly to high level management positions. Also working with these African American managers is very difficult as they got their jobs through their connections with human resource department (which is police), or the Democratic party or courts. These people have very authoritarian attitude and talk to subordinates as if they were the president of Police Association.

Another area is corporations. The state favors some corporations at the expense of other corporations. As the party-state can not predict the future, this may lead to disastarous consequences if the party-state chooses the wrong company. Also these decisions are made on the basis of party loyalty and not on economic or technological grounds. An example is HP and Carly Fjorna who was imposed on HP as the CEO. The Democratic Party was trying to strip HP's technology and delivering it to Dell. HP is a high-tech company. Dell is a low-tech company. Dell was the party loyal company. More on this later.

In other countries such as Soviet Union, this process has led to the murder of millions of people. The party represents the intentions and the State represents the requirements of production. This contradiction is usually resolved to the favor of party. Millions of farmers were killed in collectivization drive in the Soviet Union in 1930 because the Communist party had "good intentions" or it was in the "interest of proletariat" to eliminate private farming.

Merging of the State and the Party also destalized the whole US government. Massive number of government employees were exchanged for "party loyal employees". Employees of strategic and sensitive parts of the government such as CIA, National Security Agency were murdered in order to block the return of the alternative power base in the country. After Bush came to office, the democrats were boasting that Bush has nobody to place in CIA as those people are gone forever.

"Saving the Social Security" or "State Sponsored Terrorism"

The democratic party has shown a lot of concern about "saving" the social security. The reason is very simple: there is a lot of money to be made on elderly Americans. If you check with the American Heart Association, you will see that heart disease is the main killer of the Americans. So the plan was very simple. To induce heart disease and high blood pressure for elderly Americans and have them killed by heart disease. Nobody will notice that as something abnormal. This would be a great way to "Save the Social Security".

In one case in which a retired elderly Americans who had no "heart disease" or "high blood pressure" suddenly developed "congestive heart failure" and "high blood pressure" and after visiting hospital was hospitilized and was declared dead after a few days. In this case the relatives who wanted to sue the hospital were told by the Chief Doctor that he works and have worked for US government. In other words, do not try any lawsuites as this is a case of "state sponsored terrorism".

The methods to induce these diseases is very varied and it ranges to misusing hospitals and giving people wrong medicine to more direct methods where individuals are targeted at their homes by other means.

And this does not stop here. These retired Americans also might have a home which can have a lot of equity or value. Even this money is targeted for cash-out. The police would target the relatives of the retired person for scams, fraud or financial pressure through banks or simply framing them into criminal charges so that the value of the real estate can be cashed out by the police and courts.

Police Sponsored Terrorism is a major National Security Threat

Bush Administration correctly identified terrorism as a major national security threat to US. But contrary to the public perception, this threat does not come mainly from "Islamic Terrorist" but from the parallel US government set up under Clinton's Administration which is still operating.

Many random shootings, train derailments, unexplained factory fires could be traced to this parallel second US government.

The leadership of this second US government is probably composed of police forces, elements from the previous administration and elements from the democratic party. It also uses African Americans as a major social force to suppress any opposition to its rule.

You could observe the direct clash between these two governments in connection with the confirmation of the latest CIA director in early 2006. Police entered the senate building in Washington DC where the confirmation hearing was held and did some random shootings.

It is public knowledge that police has fought any attempts to centralize the information flow for fighting "terrorist activities" through homeland security or any other organizational form. The police has even started collecting signatures in defence of Bin Laden's civil rights!!!!

The Bush administration set up military tribunals to deal with police crimes, but soon backed out and never enforced the military tribunals against the police. On the other hand the Kangoroo courts set up by police is operating everyday and sending innocent citizens to jail.

The "Oaklahama City Bombing" and ATF attack on "Branch Dividians" in Waco,Texas

According to all of the evidence, the "Oaklahama City Bombing" points to Clinton Administration.

  • A Car bomb with Fertilizers can not demolish half of a big building such Alfred-Moro building in Oaklahama
  • The FBI bomb squad was present at the scene before any bomb exploded. This is according to newly released information by FBI.
  • When CNN announced that the Police is looking for Terry Nickles, one of alleged bombers, Mr. Terry Nickles had no plans to flee. He simply went 10 minutes later to a police station and stated he knows nothing about the bombing!!
  • The whole bombing was resolved from "Who were the bombers" to "Car Bomb with Fertilizers Technology!" in a few hours on Breaking News on CNN!!!.

Oaklahama city bombings is directly connected with Waco, Texas events. As Clinton Administration failed to present itself as some kind of hero in Waco then "Oaklahama City Bombing" was necessary to correct past mistakes. In 8 years of Clintons administration very few people stood up to Clinton-Gore murder gang except for "Branch Dividians" in Waco, Texas.

The Assault on the Second Amendment

What was the purpose of Oaklahama City bombing? The Clinton administration was trying to generate an environment of "Terrorist Threat Coming from Ordinary Americans". The Target of "Oaklaham City Bombing" were millions of American people who live independent lives in the countryside or small towns all over US. These are exactly the people who are in favor of second amendment rights such as the right to bear arms. It is very difficult to subject these people to police control as the police forces are not strong in terms of organization, number of police and resources in these areas.The democratic party regards these people as the main enemy who are outside police control and the ideological influence of the Democratic Party. That is why Waco and "Oaklaham City Bombing" were created in order to start a political offensive attack on these ideological opponents.

Bush Administration as a Bonapartist State

Bush Administration took office as a Bonapartist state form. According to Karl Marx "Bonapartism has been used to describe a government that forms when class rule is not secure and opposing classes are in a state of balance and a military, police, and state bureaucracy intervenes to establish order." Bush administration has ended as a failed Bonapartist state because it did not carry out the tasks which it faced.

The Bush administration has step by step retreated in the face of enormous tasks that it was facing. This has led to a state of "Dual Power" in the country. "Dual Power" means two centers of power or two governments. In other countries "Dual Power" has led to revolutions such as in Russia in 1917. "Dual Power" arises because the traditional methods of government has failed and the leadership of the country does not want to go forward with new forms of government. This starts the process of the disintegration of centralized power. You can see the effects of this process when you see bumper stickers on cars in very wealthy areas of the country which says "Stop complaining, Start a Revolution". Many Americans consider "Going back to the American Constitution" as "a New form of government".

Bush administration has been trying in vain to go back to a "Country Club Leadership style" which Bush senior was running in the previous administration. Bush administration does not clearly understand the character and the tasks of its regime.

We are exactly at the same place that we were before. That is at the end of Clinton's Administration when Al Gore made his comment "Nobody is in Control".

Summary: A View from Above
This blog is about money laundering operations run by Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. It covers the period 95-2007. This blog appeared for the first time in January 2006.

There are several points to observe about this blog: Many points raised in this blog have been verified independently by other sources

  • "Outsourcing the CIA" is confirmed by an article in Washington Post by R.J. Hillhouse dated July 2007. (See the link section)
  • Mis-management of FBI by Mr. Robert Mueller, the director of FBI, has come up in mass media and in congress in 2007
  • The police as the biggest violator of citizens civil rights according to newsreports
What is Money Laundering?
Some people think of "Money Laundering" as simply the illegal movement of money from one account to another account. In reality "money laundering" run by Hillary and Gore had much wider implications. It tried to solve a wide range of issues and problems faced by the political power elite.

The Crisis of Democracy
"American Democracy" has generated threats to the "political power elite" from three different directions:
  • The Civil Society i.e. Corporations and Ordinary Citizens
  • The Top Elite of State Bureaucracy
  • The European and Asian Competitors i.e. European Union, Japan, China
In old times there were a few newspapers publishers, journalist, bankers and corporations. The elites from these power centers could be easily integrated to the political top elite and the system was run from a centralized power center. The top political elite would sit down in a country club with their subordinate elites and resolve the issues in a "Country Club" friendly environment. These sub-elites had taken hundreds of different oaths in strange ceremonies to be always loyal to their bosses.

There were also natural barriers to political participation by ordinary citizens. To become a senator would cost 30 to 40 million dollars. All mass media was dominated by a few power elite.

The internet changed everything. Unknown people could rise up and be elected to high power positions without spending a dollar on TV ads. The role of newspapers to control the information flow was undermined by the power of internet.

The process of capital accumulation also changed. The rise of "Brain Power" as direct social capital made the process of capital accumulation a process independent from established channels of financing. Companies could start in a garage without any bankers help or prior capital accumulation and could grow into multi-billion dollar corporations. This made the role of old elites in the process of capital accumulation irrelevant. Corporations could grow into multi-billion dollar enterprise without the approval of old elite.

Another side effect of this process was that these corporations did not have the culture imposed by the old elite on traditional corporations. That is the high-tech culture versus the industrial culture. The case of HP vs. Dell shows how much resources were spent to reverse the high tech culture of HP and turning it into a an industrial factory culture.

The other threat to the power elite came from the state bureucracy. In old times it was possible to compartmentalize different parts of government and play them against each other. These non-elected staff of US government came from FBI, CIA, The National Security Agency, the military and other strategic parts of US government. With internet, this division of work became outdated and these agencies started to have overlapping functions that resulted in integration of these agencies into a bigger organization. Sooner or later this process would have led to the removal of established power elite.

The third and even bigger threat came from European and Asian competitors. The US economy was constantly falling behind these competitors. The US economy was almost bankrupt even before going to war in Iraq. Sooner or later the middle class would have been wiped out. The middle class was the base of power of top political elite. Without the support middle class, the power elite could not rule anymore.

The solution to these problems was the creation of a police state adopting the its blueprints from Mussolini fascist state in Italy from 1930's.

The political power elite response to these problems was to create sub-elites in each parts of society which could rise and challenge the old system. To control these sub-elites, police was used for control and supervision of these sub-elites. Money Laundering could enhance the role of the police to control these sub-elites and bring them under the control of top political elite. In other words the old system of "Country Club Leadership Style" was changed into "County jail Club leadership style".

Also money laundering moved enormous sums of money required for the total re-organization of the economy. It is very ironic that billions of dollars in aid sent to Russia to help with the "transition from socialism to capitalism" came back to US to help with the "transition from capitalism to socialism" here in US.

The power elite tried to solve these issues by first attacking the state bureucracy. The government elite was outsourced to private companies. This way the connection between the elite and government was broken and this undermined the power of government elite. A few who opposed these plans were either murdered or isolated.

Moving down to the lower levels of government bureucracy, the Clinton-Gore administration murdered half of CIA employees in addition to unknown number of people from other agencies and replaced them with loyal supporters who had no prior job experience. For civil society, certain corporations such as Dell, were promoted and raised to the elite status. Also some ordinary citizens were chosen and raised to the elite status. And the whole sub-elite structure was placed under the supervision of the police.

The system of creating a sub-elite hierarchy and bringing them under the control of police had a parallel in history in another country. That country is Russia after the Socialist Revolution in 1917. In other words the political elite in US sensed the coming of Revolution to the United States and tried to avoid it by imposing a "Socialist Revolution from the above". The content of this socialist revolution was the total domination of the Civil Society and State Bureacracy by the small power elite on the top leadership of the country.

It seems that Clinton-Gore administration plans for "socialist revolution" was working well as long as they were working with the state bureacracy. There were a few elites such as Jim Woolsey and Colby in CIA who opposed their plans. They isolated Jim Woolsey and murdered Mr. Colby. To eliminate lower levels of CIA and other agencies was not difficult either as people want to keep their jobs and are silent about the crimes that is happening around them.

Clinton-Gore administration mistake was to assault the civil society before the conditions allowed such attacks. Civil Society is composed of Corporations and ordinary citizens. Mr. Gore had spent most of his life in government and was not familiar with the civil society. Mr. Clinton was more familiar with the civil society and warned Mr. Gore many times not to attack the civil society. Mr. Al Gore did not follow Clinton's advice and the civil society brought him down.

The Russian Socialist Revolution was based on the elite intellgensia in Russia at the time and it included the elite classes in Russia in 1917. Its prominent leaders included Lenin, Bukharin, Trotsky and Alexander Kollanti etc. Mr. Al Gore's "Socialist Revolution" intelligensia included police criminal gangs with their police dogs, Mr. Jesse Jackson's "Oppressed People", some hollywood and TV personalities such as Brad Pitt, Oprah and Jerry Springer and some gays and Lesbians. Mr. Al Gore's "Socialist Revolution" would have led directly to Mexico and the "Mexican model".

Currently Mr. Al Gore has been sent to San Francisco and is sitting on the board of Apple Computer. Al Gore seems to be on a sensitivity training class in Northern California to become more familiar with the civil society. That indicates that the "socialist Revolution" is still on the agenda and they have not given up their plans.

"Dual Power" and "Plans for Insurrection"

The Bush administration has made different political turns. The result is the "dual power" that currently exists in the country. It is not clear what future moves the Bush administration is planning to make.

"Dual power" means that there are two governments in US. One is the official government. The other one is the government run by the police. You can see the result of "dual power" in such cases where citizens with a permit to carry a gun, according to the second amendment in the American Constitution, but are arrested by the police. The police can arbitarily over-rule the US constitution. Currently there has been a lot of such cases.

You can also see the effects of dual power in a fruad case. Recently a high level official in San Jose california was found guilty on fraud charges by the court. Despite the court judgement, he refused to resign and in the end he continued his government job as if nothing had happened. This also indicates the existence of a second government which does not follow the rules of the official government.

Recently there have been some documents leaked from the government stating that there are some forces who are planning an insurrection in the country. Who are these forces that can mount such attacks on the US government? It certainly does not refer to some anti-Iraq war demonstrators as they are not capable of such operations, as some people claim. We think these forces are mostly criminal elements used by the police to start disturbances and enhance the powers of the police. Similar events happened in 92 on the eve of presidential elections.

Hillary and Gore: The Crisis of Democracy

The Published Report:

This is a brief summary of the case. We have written a report on these events. This report has been published. See the section below "Contact us" about the report. The report adds a lot of details to the brief summary of the case. The report also points out that we are not "Democrat" or "Republican" but ordinary citizens.

It also tries to answer a question such as : Why the democratic party is willing to pay 100 million dollars for a white supporter but will not pay even $100 dollars for an African American supporter.

"Why does Hillary Clinton and Al Gore contact an unkown person for money laundering, whom they did not know anything about with disastarous consequences for both Hillary and Gore, when they have a loyal base of supporters specially with African-American community. Their loyal base of supporters would have carried out any requests by these "leaders". Mr. Jesse Jackson has many of these supporters to offer to Gore and Hillary. And this could have been done for a fraction of costs. Why Hillary and Gore should pay 100 million dollars to a totally unknown person when they could have money laundering for $100 dollars. The African-American supporters would have been very grateful for $100 dollars. Furthermore if the target person was an African-American and tried to blow a whistle on Hillary and Gore, then to discredit that guy would have been very simple. "Yes. He is african-american and we all know these guys are liars"

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