Friday, August 10, 2007

Published a year ago

"Saving the Social Security" or "State Sponsored Terrorism"

The democratic party has shown a lot of concern about "saving" the social security. The reason is very simple: there is a lot of money to be made on elderly Americans. If you check with the American Heart Association, you will see that heart disease is the main killer of the Americans. So the plan was very simple. To induce heart disease and high blood pressure for elderly Americans and have them killed by heart disease. Nobody will notice that as something abnormal. This would be a great way to "Save the Social Security".

In one case in which a retired elderly Americans who had no "heart disease" or "high blood pressure" suddenly developed "congestive heart failure" and "high blood pressure" and after visiting hospital was hospitilized and was declared dead after a few days. In this case the relatives who wanted to sue the hospital were told by the Chief Doctor that he works and have worked for US government. In other words, do not try any lawsuites as this is a case of "state sponsored terrorism".

The methods to induce these diseases is very varied and it ranges to misusing hospitals and giving people wrong medicine to more direct methods where individuals are targeted at their homes by other means.

And this does not stop here. These retired Americans also might have a home which can have a lot of equity or value. Even this money is targeted for cash-out. The police would target the relatives of the retired person for scams, fraud or financial pressure through banks or simply framing them into criminal charges so that the value of the real estate can be cashed out by the police and courts.

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