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Who is Carl Levin?
Aug 2008

Who is Carl Levin?

According to reports, extremely criminal elements are taking over the power in US government. This is due to the new administration coming into office already now.

One of these criminals is Mr. Carl Levin. So Who is Carl Levin?

Carl Levin is a democractic senator from Michigan. He is the chairman of the military commission in the senate. In other words he is responsible for monitoring and directing the war efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Levin is running for re-election in his home state of Michigan.

Recently a friend of mine received two letters from Mr. Carl Levin. The first letter described the case of Mr. Glasshof who is an American senior citizen. Mr. Glasshof was paying to much interest on his credit card.

Mr. Levin as a chairman of investigation subcommittee was promising that he will help senior citizens by:

1. Credit Card Users deserve prompt notice of rate hikes.
2. Credit Card companies must end deceptive practices or face tighter regulation.

After shedding some crocodile tears for American senior citizens, Mr. Carl Levin asked for $1000 contribution from the poor senior citizen for his re-election campaign.

As usual our friend ignores such letters and does not pay any attention to Carl Levin re-election campaign. As a matter of fact my friend lives in California and is not in any way related to Michigan.

Then our friend received another letter from Mr. Carl Levin. This time Mr. Levin promised that "nobody is above the law and he is planning to bring George Bush to trial" !!!! Mr. Levin was asking for another $1000 dollars!!!!!

Again our friend ingored this letter as usual. Then our friend received a letter from a Life Insurance company stating that he needs Life Insurance for "Accidental Death". Actually he received two letters from two different Life insurance companies with the same content in the same week. According to probability theory this is very unlikely to happen by chance. Our friend ignored the letter from the insurance company. Up to this time he was not making any connections between these letters.

Suddenly our friend and one of his family members got sick due to food poison or chemicals in the food. His relative actually ended in "Hospital Emergency" with a private doctor with exteme high levels of blood pressure with life threathening condition. Our friend had not eaten very much of the food so he became only slightly sick.

A strange condition is when the family relative got sick, police and their agents took the family member to a private doctor instead for hospital emergency. This is despite she had over 220 in blood pressure. She was was not hospitilized as it is normal for similar situations, but dismissed and taken to far away location next day. We still think her life is in danger.

Nobody will suspect any relation between these events. That is Mr. Carl Levin's letters and food poisening. But there are special conditions that connect these events together. Our friend is neither democrat or republican and he never votes. And he is not related to Michigan in any way. How did Mr. Carl Levin become interested in our friend is a mystery!!!!! To deliver the food poison or chemicals, police help was needed. This indicates Mr. Levin is directly connected with police forces in US and he migh actually represents the police in the senate. That is his power base in the military commission in the Senate is based on the American police and not on some poor American senior citizens who are paying "high interest rates".

We have information about similar cases on campaign contribution by the democratic party which is similar to Mr Carl Levin methods that you can read on our blog, that is why we highly suspect that these events are related.

Our blog has been online for more than two years.

We request that US governement authorities investigate the criminal activities of Mr. Carl Levin and his re-election campaign contribution methods. There are more details to the case and we will provide them to the investigators if they show any interest in the case. Investigators should find out how many American Senior Citizens have died in "Heart Attack" after receiving a letter from Mr. Carl Levin.

Actually we had an article about how the police murders American Senior Citizens and cash out the equity in their real estate for a year ago. But it was not clear that this procedure is related to Mr. Carl Levin's campaign contribution case. In other words Mr. Levin first blackmails the senior citizens to give up the equity in their houses and send it to Mr. Levin in the form of Campaign contribution and then police moves in with the elimination of the senior citizen by creating a "heart attack" condition and cashes out the rest of equity. You can read about the "State sponsored Terrorism" against the senior citizens below.

This should be a warning to the American People about the kind of criminals are taking over the power in US in coming elections.

There is a report below from United Nation about criminal activities of Mr. Carl Levin who has started a genocide against Afghan people without mentioning his name. The government of Afghanistan has already protested about these crimes.

UN accuses US-led troops in deaths of Afghans
By FISNIK ABRASHI, Associated Press Writer

Tue Aug 26, 9:12 AM ET

The United Nations said Tuesday it has found "convincing evidence" that U.S. coalition troops and Afghan forces killed some 90 civilians, including 60 children, in airstrikes in western Afghanistan.

The U.N. said it based its findings solely on the testimony of villagers and meetings with Afghan officials, and did not provide photos or evidence that its investigators saw any graves.

President Hamid Karzai's government, in a harshly worded statement, ordered its ministries of foreign affairs and defense to regulate the presence of foreign troops and try to negotiate an end to "airstrikes on civilian targets, uncoordinated house searches and illegal detention of Afghan civilians."

The U.S. coalition has said it killed 25 militants and five civilians in an operation in Shindand district of Herat province on Friday.

Karzai's statement appears to be aimed at both international forces operating in Afghanistan: the U.S.-led coalition, which conducts special forces counterterrorism operations and trains the fledgling Afghan army and police, and the U.N.-mandated NATO-led force tasked to provide security for the war-ravaged nation.

The accusation from the world body will likely fuel tensions among the U.S. coalition, the U.N. and the Afghan government.

Karzai's spokesman, Humayun Hamidzada, said Tuesday that the decision was made after Afghan officials "lost patience" with foreign forces, and the killings and detentions of civilians during raids in remote villages.

"We do not want international forces to leave Afghanistan until the time our security institutions are able to defend Afghanistan independently," Hamidzada told reporters Tuesday.

But the presence of those forces has to be based "within the framework of Afghan law with respect to international law," Hamidzada said.

Hamidzada says circumstances have changed. "Afghanistan of 2001 is different from Afghanistan today," he said. He said the government has not discussed any timetable for the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan.

Capt. Mike Windsor, a spokesman for the NATO-led force, said the force had seen media reports about the government's decision but had not received "any official notification so far."

He pointed out that NATO's "mission is based on a U.N. mandate and carried upon the invitation of the Afghan government."

There was no immediate comment from the U.S.-led coalition.

The U.N. finding backed up the government claim. The U.N. said their investigation "found convincing evidence, based on the testimony of eyewitnesses, and others, that some 90 civilians were killed, including 60 children, 15 women and 15 men."

"Fifteen other villagers were wounded or otherwise injured," the U.N. said in a statement.

U.S.-led coalition troops, which were supporting Afghan commandos during the raid, said they believe that 25 militants, including a Taliban commander, and five civilians were killed during the Friday raid in Azizabad village of Herat province. The top coalition commander in the country has ordered an investigation.

White House spokesman Tony Fratto told reporters Monday that foreign forces in Afghanistan "take every precaution to try to avoid innocent civilian casualties."

Asked about Karzai's concerns about civilian casualties, Fratto said an investigation was under way. He said the Defense Department believes "it was a good strike."

NATO and U.S. officials insist that they take great care in their targeting and accuse the militants of hiding in civilian areas, thus putting innocent people at risk.

Money Laundering - Hillary and Gore

Say Good-bye to Democratic Outcomes

The Reign of Tyrants Is at Hand

By Paul Craig Roberts, an economist who has held numerous university
appointments and served as Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under
Ronald Reagan.

“It is the absolute responsibility of everybody in uniform to disobey
an order that is either illegal or immoral.” General Peter Pace,
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Press Club, February
17, 2006.

“They will be held accountable for the decisions they make. So they
should in fact not obey the illegal and immoral orders to use weapons
of mass destruction.” General Peter Pace, CNN With Wolf Blitzer, April
6, 2003

06/19/07 "ICH" -- - The surprise decision by the Bush regime to replace
General Peter Pace as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been
explained as a necessary step to avoid contentious confirmation
hearings in the US Senate. Gen. Pace’s reappointment would have to be
confirmed, and as the general has served as vice chairman and chairman
of the Joint Chiefs for the past 6 years, the Republicans feared that
hearings would give war critics an opportunity to focus, in Defense
Secretary Gates words, “on the past, rather than the future.”

This is a plausible explanation. Whether one takes it on face value
depends on how much trust one still has in a regime that has
consistently lied about everything for six years.

General Pace himself says he was forced out when he refused to “take
the issue off the table” by voluntarily retiring. Pace himself was
sufficiently disturbed by his removal to strain his relations with the
powers that be by not going quietly.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page interpreted Pace’s removal as
indication that “the man running the Pentagon is Democratic Senator
Carl Levin of Michigan. For that matter, is George W. Bush still


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